Núnoo started a journey towards becoming a 100% climate-neutral and sustainable enterprise. There are many challenges along the way, and it’s not an easy task we have set ourselves. As a part of the fashion industry, we are fully aware that we are making an unfortunate impact on the climate in several ways. We want to change this. We already changed a lot. But we are convinced that we can do more and being a part of the fashion industry does not necessarily have a negative effect on the climate. 

Together with the Danish authorities and the consulting company Vugge til Vugge, we have prepared a comprehensive and long-term plan to reach the target. The plan is created under the EU-funded Green Circular Transformation (GCO) program.


1. All products are produced in biodegradable material.

2. Recycling as much as possible – what’s not recycled is degraded without consequences for the environment and climate.

3. Exclusively use of electricity from renewable energy sources.

4. There will be used minimal water in the production and what is used is discharged without consequences for the environment and climate.

5. Responsible business operations and ethics towards all stakeholders, including supply chain and environment.

6. All packaging is made from recycled and biodegradable material and during its lifetime it will be used several times.

7. All waste is biodegradable and sorted correctly.

What we do

• We try to minimize our waste consumption by using recycled packaging on our goods' journey from our suppliers. Furthermore, we send our bags to our customers in recycled / recyclable material. We also send so many of our goods to Denmark by ship and train, which are the most climate-friendly modes of transport.

• Over time, we have launched several design lines within various forms of sustainability. This applies, for example, to our Vegan collection in biodegradable plastic, our Pineapple line produced in material developed from pineapple peel, our Recycled line in recycled canvas.

• We sort all our waste and make sure it ends up in the right places. All our energy consumption in Denmark comes from 100% sustainable energy production.

• We use our logistics partner Budbee as much as possible. Budbee's shipments are 110% climate neutral (they compensate for the climate) and they are responsible for all Núnoo's shipments to the major Danish cities, Sweden, the Netherlands and Finland.

• We support in social justice and support local communities. Our suppliers are certified to strict standards that ensure workers proper conditions. We are financially supporting a local Indian school for developmentally disabled young people. Finally, together with our suppliers, we have launched a project where women from home can makes bags (our Beach Bag) and thereby contribute to independence as well as financial independence.